Television host, reporter, relationships expert and advice columnist, Amy Kean developed her feisty, outspoken style as the author of a controversial political column at the all-girls school she attended in Boston.  Amy’s “hot button” columns, “10 Reasons Why We Should Never Go Coed” and “Ethics of Artificial Insemination” gave her the taste of literary celebrity she craved.  While other girls were hanging out at the mall, Amy was poring over old columns by Andy Rooney and Erma Bombeck.

Next Stop, Tufts University, where Amy earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in American History and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting.  At Tufts, she also discovered that both sexes struggled with dating and relationships more than anything else in their lives.  Amy’s clever response was to explore their painful, often hilarious dilemmas in an advice column for her university newspaper.

The New York Post hired Amy in 1996 as a lifestyle columnist covering everything: art, fashion, music, film, television, theater and women’s issues.  Most important, it was at the New York Post where Amy created her own humorous love advice column, “He Says, She Says.”  The column was a big hit with readers, so popular it lead to regular appearances on the following:  Fox News, VH1, MSNBC,  “Geraldo,”  “Politically Incorrect,” “The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch,” “The Judith Regan Show,” The Food Network, “Morning Blend,” CNBC, “Fox In Depth,” “America’s Talking,” “USA Live,” “Good Day New York,” “Romantically Speaking,” “Entertainment Tonight,” “CNN’s Talk Back Live,” “Living It Up With Ali and Jack,” “Montel,” “The Today Show,” “The Maury Show,” “The Early Show,” “Good Morning America,” and “The View” (which Amy co-hosted eight times when Barbara Walters was searching for a permanent new co-host).  

In 2006, Amy was tapped by CNN as a pop culture contributor and reporter for their entertainment news program, “Showbiz Tonight.”  At CNN, Amy offered up her trademarked unfiltered opinion on everything from the FCC’s crackdown on television to the Paris Hilton phenomenon. 

The following year, Amy launched her own ten-part relationship series, “My Generation” for “The Early Show” on CBS, focusing on the increasingly blurred, downright confusing roles of men and women in modern love.

In 2007, Amy, interested in exploring—and exploiting—her own complicated love life, came up with the idea of writing yet another funny relationship advice column, this time with her real-life husband, John Schwartz.  The result was the advice column/blog/video series “Hold My Purse” for NBC Universal’s In 2008, they took their love  advice project to, this time calling it simply, “Amy vs. John.”  In 2011, Amy hosted an exciting new relationship TV pilot, “What If” for Bravo Television / Reveille.

Amy works and lives in New York City with her husband and two young sons. 

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